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1. Definitions.
Basic terms not differently defined in these Terms have the following definition:
“Aldify,” “We,” “Us” or “Our” means Aldify and its subsidiaries, including any Aldify company providing services to You.
“Site” means this website and all content, software, data, information and materials contained therein.
“Third Party Content” means some third-party analysis, content, tools, features, materials, websites, services or advertisements which Aldify makes available on or through the Site or to which Aldify links on any other website.
“Users” means individuals who are accredited by You to use the Site and have been supplied User credentials by You (or by Us at Your request), including Your employees, consultants, contractors and other agents.
“You” or “Your” means the legal entity and its affiliates which is Our client and accepts these Terms.
2. Authoritative Agreement.
These Terms of Use and some other terms and conditions on the Site that oversee specific features of the Site (together, these “Terms”) put forward the terms and conditions that represent Your access to and utilization of the Site. These Terms put forward the whole agreement between Aldify and You as for Your use of and access to the Site. These Terms supersede all past oral and composed terms, portrayals, or understandings concerning Your utilization of and access to the Site. These Terms are viable amongst You and Aldify as of the date of Your acceptance of this Agreement.
3. Our Tenure Rights.
3.1 As amongst Aldify and You and subject to Your right, title and interest for information that You submit through the Site or generally submit to Aldify, Aldify possesses all rights, title and interest for and to the Site, including all related licensed property rights. Subject to the constrained rights explicitly allowed hereunder, Aldify holds all rights, title and enthusiasm for and to the Site, including all related licensed property rights in that. We give no rights to You other than as explicitly put forward in this. The Site and all materials and data on the Site are ensured by Indian intellectual property laws. You agree to secure the proprietary privileges of Aldify and to comply all sensible composed solicitations made by Aldify and its third party licensors to ensure their and others’ rights in the Site and materials and content made accessible on or through the Site.
3.2 Aldify™ and Our different trademarks and service marks are the property of Aldify. Aldify’s trademarks and trade dress may not be utilized as a part of any frame without the earlier written consent of Aldify, and any use might be liable to Aldify’s then-current policies and prerequisites. Every single other trademark, administrations marks, logos, designs and trade dress not claimed by Aldify that show up on the Site are the property of their particular proprietors, who could conceivably be partnered with, associated with, or supported by Aldify.
4. License.
4.1 Subject to this Agreement, Aldify thus concedes You a non-elite, non-exclusive license for Your or Your partners’ inside business purposes and keeping in mind the end goal to oversee data in regards to Your business: (I) to access and utilize the Site; (ii) to access and utilize reports, materials or other substance produced through or accessible on the Site; and (iii) imitate or disperse exclusively inside Your association or to Your subsidiaries the reports, materials or other content created through or accessible on the Site. All rights not expressly granted in this Agreement are reserved by Aldify. You may not use the Site in any way conflicting with these Terms.
4.2 You should not expel any copyright, patent, trademark or other exclusive or restrictive notice or legend contained on the Site and You might reproduce all such notice and legends on all allowed copies of archives, reports and different materials downloaded, printed or disseminated from the Site.
5. Limitations on Use.
5.1 Except as generally explicitly allowed by these Terms or on the Site, You may not download, modify, copy, repeat, republish, post, exchange, transfer, transmit or convey any materials or content, or any bit thereof from or connected to the Site, except with the express written consent of Aldify or its outsider licensors.
6. Your Responsibilities.
You might: (I) have sole duty regarding the precision, quality, integrity, legitimateness, dependability, and propriety of all substance and information submitted to or distributed by means of the Site by You; (ii) agree to every relevant law including yet not restricted to trade laws) in utilizing the Site; and (iii) utilize the Site exclusively as per any online client guides or instructions made accessible on or through the Site. You should not disclose or share any ID(s) and password(s) used to get to this or any related Site. You are in charge of all movement that happens under Your ID(s) and password(s). You consent to screen entirely Your Users’ utilization of the Site and uphold these Terms in Your association. You agree to expeditiously inform Aldify in composing after getting to be mindful of any unauthorized access or utilization of the Site by any paty.
7. Reports; Your Instructions and Requests.
You might be able to utilize certain parts of the Site to make, store, or access documents, reports and other materials (“Materials”). You recognize and concur that when these Terms end, I Your access to such Materials through the Site may end and that following such end Materials might be filed or erased from the Site as per our appropriate records maintenance approaches. We don’t surety the accessibility of Materials or some other substance or material on the Site and You recognize and agree that Materials stored on or through the Site might be documented or erased occasionally in understanding our pertinent record maintenance approaches. Be that as it may, We may make available features on the Site to enable You to download certain Materials to Your own PCs or servers whenever amid the term of these Terms.
8. Connections and Third Party Content.
8.1 Third Party Content isn’t kept up or controlled by Aldify and, as an matter of policy, Aldify does not independently verify, prescreen or screen Third Party Content. While We trust the Third Party Content is from solid third-party sources, We are not in charge of the accessibility, content, completeness, sufficiency, utility or exactness of Third Party Content. Aldify does not make any support, express or suggested, of any Third Party Content.
8.2 Certain Third Party Content on the Site is liable to extra terms and conditions displayed in conjunction with or connected to the Third Party Content. You recognize and agree that Your use of Third Party Content is liable to all these extra terms and conditions.
8.3 Site includes that interoperate with Third Party Content rely upon the proceeding with accessibility of Third Party Content for use with the Site. If the Third Party Content accessible on industrially sensible terms for the Site, Aldify may stop giving the Site features identified with that Third Party Content.